Chitumoola, Thazhava P.O, Karunagapally, Kollam
Affiliated to C.B.S.E New Delhi
Phone: 0476-2621632, 3240623
Guidelines to Students

I. Bring your school diary daily to the class.

2. Come to school daily wearing the school uniform.

3. Be punctual and regular in coming to school.

4. Be polite, respectful and well-behaved to your teachers, elders and classmates.

5. Help in keeping your classroom and school premises neat and tidy.

6. Always move in an orderly way, one behind the other while going to morning assembly and also while returning from there.

7. Be always attentive in the class and cultivate a love for learning.

8. Take care of your things like bag, books, money, umbrella, bicycle etc.

9. Do not damage school properties. Do not write, carve and scratch on the walls and furniture.

10. Do not enter other classrooms without the permission of the Principal.

11. Do not use bad language.

12. Try to speak English while talking to your teachers and classmates and it will help a lot to improve your spoken English.


Progress Reports

Progress Reports are issued to the parents to enable them to make an assessment of the progress of their wards in studies. Hence they are requested to check the progress reports carefully, sign and send them back to the school the next working day.



Parents and guardians are requested to mention the standard and division of their child in their correspondence to the school. They are also requested to inform the school authorities about the changes in the address if any.



Parents and guardians are requested to participate in the meetings of the parents and teachers arranged by the school authorities.The inability to participate in any such meetings should be informed in advance.